The Payment Gateway to Alternative Energy

PaaS provides customers with smart monitoring, exact charges, and precise billing. A world first for Redistributed Generation.

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Currently consumers receive electricity generated through a complex network of cables and infrastructure.

Power is generated by a few large companies, from distant locations, for millions - a model which hasn’t changed in over 100 years.

It’s no coincidence that these industrial power facilities produce profound amounts of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers not only pay for the electricity used, but for the entire infrastructure that delivers power and for their future expansion.

Power as a Service is a new concept and model for the way that electrical service is delivered.

Our goal is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, by increasing the commercialisation of low-carbon technologies. Without drastic change, our net zero carbon targets simply cannot be met.

We provide “Power-as-a-Service” without the need for upfront capital investment. It’s the most comprehensive energy provision, management, maintenance and payment solution possible. This helps consumers increase their energy efficiency, while only paying precisely for what they use.


Real-time power monitoring and


Pay for power without any upfront
capital cost


High efficiency & low-carbon

PaaS models are enabled by distributed power generation and storage distributed by smart micro-grids.

These innovative technologies enable us to fast-track the implementation of our payment gateway, while offering lower pollution and significantly more efficient energy storage compared to other solutions on the market.

This is achieved by the following:


By using smaller energy production sources, these can be moved closer to the end consumer. This migration of smaller power generation capabilities is described as “Distributed Power Generation (DPG).”

The development of low-pollution power generation from renewables, in combination with new storage technologies, enables them to be placed close to population centers.

This allows for lower pollution, is practical for rural and remote locations, enables augmentation of traditional power sources to improve reliability, and reduces energy loss by increasing efficiency.

Partnerships and Licensing

Power as a Service technology is being incorporated into several major solar power projects, and we are seeking partnerships in a range of industries including renewable energy, transport, and public infrastructure. Our existing partnerships include:


PaaS has partnered with ConFlow Power to create recurring revenue from its entire product range. ConFlow has developed proprietary energy harvesting technology which continually recharges itself.

Operating in areas where communication with the device is easy and reliable, ConFlow products incorporate PaaS technology to charge end users for power used.


PaaS is also working closely with BatteryWare Limited. Owned by ConFlow Power, BatteryWare provides the technology to monitor and manage PaaS devices and installations.

In-depth monitoring tracks live energy consumption, and ensures device failures can be spotted and rectified before they occur; ensuring continuous, efficient, and reliable power.

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